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Beach Exerices ToolsJoin The BeachFit Movement!

Innovative products utilizing sand and water have been developed for various aspects of fitness. Our products have been tested and embraced by all ages and body types.

In 2009, Brenda B invented a unique fitness product called BeachFit. Knowing that cross-training should be a way of life for every BODY, this Certified Personal Trainer constantly develops innovative products to get more movement out of each natural setting. THE PATENT RIGHTS PROTECTING THIS EXERCISE DEVICE ARE BASED ON DESIGN ELEMENTS AS WELL AS METHOD OF USE.

U.S. Patent No. 8,337,372

BeachFit wants every BODY to join the movement. We encourage recreational movement in a natural setting and plan to give back to the environment. Positive change is possible for both the individual and the world we share!

Check out our BeachFit video to learn more about this innovative exercise product that combines nature and fitness for a truly unique workout.

Michigan Inventors Coalition Board Member
MIC Board Member - Michigan Inventors Coalition

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